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The Platform is a complex located in a green and quiet area on a terrain of 1ha 10 a at the outskirts of the city of Ghent (UZ area). This office complex consists of 2 groups of buildings which are connected with one another via an inner garden. The first building (D / E / F / S) is accessible via Zwijnaardsesteenweg 312-316. The second building (A / B / C) is accessible via Elfjulistraat 39-51.

The accessibility is very excellent, both for private and public transport, thanks to the immediate vicinity of the E17-E40 entrances and exits and the cloverleaf. The Elfjulistraat also provides an immediate connection to the Ghent city ring. Ghent station is less than a 15-minutes walk away and there are several bus and tram lines within a radius of 200 m around the complex.

Info project

  • A total of 11,487 m² office space divided over 7 blocks.
  • 99 underground and 103 above-ground parking spaces + bicycle shed.
  • Services:
    • courtyard with spacious green space where you can have lunch
    • plenty of food and beverage options nearby
    • very favorable parking ratio
    • easily accessible by train, bus, bicycle and car
    • flexible layout

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